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Oh yeah that's right, that's me:P I honestly was never into Vampire shows (still hating on Twilight with a passion) but a lot of people had said nice stuff about this show, plus I was really curious about Ian's role as Damon so I figured, why not, I can give it a shot. And then I got addicted and I watched the whole thing:D Here are my thoughts:
He is seriously one of the best characters in any TV show I've watched. He's witty, he's sexy, he's dangerous and to be honest I don't even CARE if he never finds his humanity xD I could just start quoting his best lines but I'll probably just quote everything in the end. Seriously Damon BITE ME, I DON'T CARE.
I honestly don't know yet if I ship them or not. I admit that they have amazing chemistry but I'll just wait for the triangle to be played out for me to decide. There are a lot of scenes with them I enjoyed though especially the "I wanted it to be real" part. Amazing acting and the chemistry is truly off the charts.
Ok so I normally don't bitch about other couples but GAH, I just can't handle it-_- First of all, they hooked up in the SECOND EPISODE. The second episode people!!! I don't even know their names yet and I'm supposed to believe they're THAT into each other? Not to mention the cheesefest that is their scenes. I just don't get them. At all. They bore me to tears. It's not even a chemistry thing, it's the storylines. I never get behind such obvious couples.
-Speaking of couples though.....
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WATCH THE CUTENESS. EMBRACE THE CUTENESS. MATT/CAROLINE<3 I totally ship it dudes.  Caroline is my favorite female from the show but I couldn't ship her with Damon because he was using her and I didn't see any scenes that implied it was something more than that. They had great chemistry but I wanted her to be with someone who appreciated her. AND THEN MATT CAME ALONG. And they're so cute and sweet to each other and they're both broken and they're PERFECT together<3 More of them please!
-I love Jeremy. He's adorable. And he reminds me of a friend of mine.
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