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It's really not that big of a deal in Greece, but I've seen a lot of you celebrating it so I just felt like wishing everybody a happy day:D:D
Things are finally looking better for me these days! I had gone through a lot of stress lately BUT my exams are now over, I figured out that I do have to continue with Uni even though I'm not really into my classes anymore (one can only learn so much information about ancient Greek theatre without snapping) but no one says I have to finish it in four years, I can take my time with my classes and meanwhile do other stuff that I love, like the radio show I have with my dad and another awesome girl called Sofia, continue working at the TV magazine I'm working with etc. Also, I'm going to start taking classes in New York College, with my brother! It sounds like it's going to be a great thing, and we're even going to share a class together, lol. All in all, I'm feeling better about my life right now. I was going through an off phase for some weeks, but I'm ready to put it behind me and move on.

Speaking of MOVING ON, Lost spoilers!!!!!!!! OMG I'M SO HAPPY *happy dance* So many spoilers for Skate in the upcoming episodes:D So much for them being over xD LOST fandom has to be the most stupid fandom to have ever existed. But I do enjoy the meltdown that's already happening. "BUT SKATE WAS OVER!" "THEY CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER, WHAT ABOUT JULIET THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE??" and the new thing Bubbleheads have come up with to hide their desperation: Sawyer and Kate are just friends! LOL. As my Sis put it, they should get BFFS necklaces: Sawyer could get them from the same catalog he got Juliet's ring. Poor Darlton, they really do have to spell everything out for them, and even then they don't get it.
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LOOK AT THE PRETTY!! How can you not love this?*_*
I feel like this entry is already too long :P How should I end it? Oh I know! Those of you who are Puck/Rachel shippers, you should read this fic:
It's sooooooooooo amazing and romantic. Perfect for Valentine's day:D Have a goot time guys! Love you all:D Oh and you could tell me what your plans are for today:D I plan on staying home and watching TBBT and Chick Flicks xD

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Ooooh, Puck/Rachel. And I read that fic... it's amazing and sad and it definetly will be on my list of "Jassy's Puckleberry favorites" :D

And great that your exams are over... I hate having exams especially because I hate learning. LOl

Oh, and Lost. I don't watch it. I watched it when Germany first showed it and it was nice but it wasn't a show for me ^^
IKR? Was that fic awesome or WHAT?:D I've already read it twice, and the last chapter three times xD
Oh maybe you should give LOST another chance once it's all over:D
Lol, so I'm not the only one who reads Fics more than one time :D But I think that you have to read great Fics more than once so you can enjoy it more than just once :D


And, yes I think I'll give Lost another try. I'm always looking for new tv shows and a lot of people say it's great so it can't be that bad :D
Happy valentine's day hon! <3 Glad to hear that you're feeling better, it's really awfull to be stressed! *hugs* I'm so jealous that you have your own radio show though, lol! :b It must be awesome :D

... There's new skate spoilers? *.* Gaah whereee? :O :O I can never find a good place to read spoilers, so I always end up, not knowing even though I want to :b But that gif is gorgeous!! Besides the dock scene, that is my favorite scene of season 6 <3 The way they looked at eachother, and all the parallels to the hatch scenes. Skate cannot seriously get that many amazing scenes and not be endgame... it wouldn't make any sense at all. I'm crossing my fingers for more sk in the next episodes :D

Yaaay for PR fanfic! :D I think I'll use some of my time reading that today ^^ I don't have any other exciting plans for today... I've been having a cold these last 6 days with fever and everything, and it's not going awaaay :( Yesterday I couldn't even get to my computer cause I would get dizzy everytime I didn't lie down :( Now, fanfics, and television is my plan for today so far, lol :b
Missed talking to you girl! I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. Having a cold sucks, I know-_- And fever too *hugs* Hope your day will get better:D YES there are so many new skate spoilers! Here's a really great place for spoilers and everything else related to Sawyer/Kate:
You just have to register and that's it!
Oh my you haven't read any PR fics? There are MANY of them who are amaaaaaaaaazing. You should definitelly start!