Christie in the sky with diamonds (christiesk) wrote,
Christie in the sky with diamonds

Lollita {a Jeff/Annie fanmix}

001. Naive The Kooks
How could this be done by such a smiling sweetheart
Oh and your sweet and pretty face, in such an ugly world
Something so beautiful, oh that every time I look inside
I know she knows I'm not fond of asking.

002. Merry Happy Kate Nash
Watching me like you never watch no one
don't tell me that you didn't try and check out my bum
cause I know that you did cause your friend told me
that you liked it.

003. Lollita Throw Me the Statue
Come on over and she's pulling oxygen,
Like she's tellin me to stay.
Well take a look over here,
come on, I got the bullets in my head,
and she asked me why I came.

004. In The Sun -She and Him
It's hard to take the blame
when I look at you you're so ashamed
my baby my darling I've been thinking of

005. Teenage Dream -Tyler Ward
I think you're pretty without any make up on
I think you're funny when you tell the
punchline wrong. I know you get me so I
let my walls come down.
006. Little Bit -Lykke Li
And for you I keep my legs apart
And forget about my tainted heart
And I will never be the first to say it
but you know I would do it.

007. She's Got You High -Mumm-Ra
Whats this about? I figured love would shine through
We've lost romance this world has turned so see through
Open your mind, believe it's going to come to
Romance alive and hope she's going to tell you

008. Fucking Boyfriend -The Bird and the Bee
Are you an amateur, or is it your unkind?
To torture all the other girls, you keep me by your side.
Are you unsatisfied? You cant make up your mind.
When you can take me by the hands and I will close my eyes.

009. She's So Lovely -Scouting for Girls
It's easy to tease me, you never ever look
that pleased to see me. I don't know how
we'll make it through this.

010. Stupid Cupid -Connie Francis
I can't do my homework and I can't see straight
I meet him every morning 'bout a half-past eight
I'm acting like a lovesick fool
You've even got me carrying his books to school


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