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Make the Queen of the Angels sigh

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Glee is back<3 I'm so happy! I was seriously having withdrawl symptoms. Yeah this show owns my life, what else is new?:D However, "Hell-O" wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Here are my thoughts:

-FINN AND QUINN. I don't think I've ever shipped them as much as I do right now. Those looks! Finn saying he's not over her, those two little moments they had during "Hello, I Love You", just EVERYTHING about them in this episode made my heart hurt a little but in a good way. Those two will always love each other, I really believe this.

-FINN AND RACHEL. I don't care. I don't care. I DON'T CARE. I have no idea why they're making them so.....not rootable? Is that even a word? xD Anyways, after breaking her heart once again, he finally decides he wants to be with her? Not cool Finn. I can tell I'm going to hate his guts in the back nine and that's not fair because, well...CORY*_* It's hard having the biggest crush ever on an actor and not liking his character...

-RACHEL AND JESSE: Hmmmmm. Well: I think their scenes are really enjoyable. I know they're not going to last but I'm pretty sure I won't have any problem with them for as long as they are on my screen. If Rachel ends up heart broken again though, I'm going to deslike Jesse too. As hard as that might be because COME ON. Jon's face is like an angel's.

Best parts of the episode:
-GIVES YOU HELL. Hello there fierce Rachel! I want more of her please. The little moment with Mike was so cute too:D And one year ago I was obsessed with this song. I'm so glad they had it on Glee.
-HIGHWAY TO HELL. Love this song. Love Vocal Adrenaline. Love Jon's solo. I hope he gets to sing more songs like that not just lovey dovey duets with Rachel.
-HELLO, I LOVE YOU. Cory's best one hands down. I loved his vocals and as I said I loved the little FQ moment in there.
-"I'm not breaking up with you, I'm just saying stop super sizing because I don't dig fat chicks."
"I'm pregnant!"
"And that's MY fault?!"

NOAH PUCKERMAN, YOU ARE A LEGEND. I love this guy so much. I hope he gets more screen time in the next episode. And oh the epic love story that is Puck/Quinn. Yes I am being sarcastic.

Other Glee related stuff:
-This picture made me squee so much I'm pretty sure the entire city of Berlin heard me.
-Cory/Dianna.....What is the DEAL with those two lately? It's like, there's something new every day. Get together and have pretty babies please. I mean look at this and tell me it isn't the cutest darn thing you've ever seen!
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I want to make a massive picspam with ALL their moments but Photoshop hates me-_- People with PS skills, please get to it! These two are begging to be picspamed!


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